I realised I only started this in January but have already been neglecting to write another blog. I suppose I’m still going through the motions of finding the energy for extra activities such as writing a blog post. But as I have some time off now I shall update you on the last month.  I … More Update

Salmon stir fry 

As I said I’d update you in some recipes that I have tried which are quick and easy to make but also suitable for my belly! So I’ll admit I didn’t cook it tonight but I can make it. Recipe: 1  salmon fillet fried in gluten free soy sauce 1/2 cup of basmati rice 1 … More Salmon stir fry 

Food Glorious Food

Something that I have struggled with from the beginning of my diagnosis is food, and determining what aggrevates my stomach. For me this has been immensely difficult because as they tell you Crohns is different, especially with food for each individual diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. Although there are sites which tell you general information, which … More Food Glorious Food

My Journey so far

As I said in my first blog I was diagnosed in September, many of you who haven’t been through the process of diagnosis won’t know that even after being diagnosed there isn’t necessarily a solution to treat Crohn’s. When I was first referred by my doctor it took a good month to get an appointment … More My Journey so far

My first blog!

Many of you reading this will wonder why I have started a blog, what do I have to say that could be interesting? Well it may not be interesting but I feel this is a good platform for me to share my experience with living with Crohn’s disease. Many of you will not know that … More My first blog!