One step forward, two steps back. 

I’ve read many blogs and stories where they tell you there are never ending hospital visits and tests, which I’ve started to realise. And I’ve realised this without having started my biological treatment. Which I’m still waiting to start. As I’ve transferred my doctors up to Cardiff so my treatment can be here I’ve had to go on a waiting list to see the gastro doctor. I feel like I’m forever waiting to be seen, lost in a system. Whilst I’m waiting my stomach is reacting to god knows what now. I feel like I’m at the start of this all again. 

I sound so melodramatic and it probably is, but I guess I’m fed up with it. Do you know what I’ve been told so many times; each journey through Crohn’s disease is different and yes it may be but being left with no advice from a doctor on what will help except for being put on medication that has exasperated my disease.

I’m pretty lucky I have wonderful family and friends that help me with the motivation I need, but some people don’t, we need to be talking about this disease (and many more). Not talking about it implies there’s something to be embarrassed about. There isn’t, it’s a chronic disease which has no cure…yet. It’s more than just poo, yet so many are not educated on crohns, therefore leading to stereotyping the symptoms to just diarrhoea. Which in turn creates a stigma for people to be embarrassed to talk about the disease. Crohn’s disease is much more; fatigue, pain, anaemia, weight loss and gain. 

I know I’m moaning but for me this helps express how I’m feeling, it makes me feel so much better. So thanks for reading me moan! 

~Let yourself be beautiful~ 

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