I realised I only started this in January but have already been neglecting to write another blog. I suppose I’m still going through the motions of finding the energy for extra activities such as writing a blog post. But as I have some time off now I shall update you on the last month. 

I believe I left you on my journey where I was on no medication after the awful time I had with the ones before Christmas, quite a lot has happened since then. I have been for more tests, firstly I went for two MRIs. The first one wasn’t too bad, I closed my eyes and listened to music the whole time. Then they asked me to drink this clear liquid, it looked like water but tasted absolutely horrific. I was going into the bathroom to down it as it kept coming back up in my mouth. I couldn’t tell you what it tasted like but it wasn’t very nice. I don’t think it agreed with my stomach as it seemed to unsettle it. The second MRI I had to hold my breath for intervals but wasn’t bad really. Later that night after returning to Cardiff, I believe I had a reaction to the liquid or something that day as I started shivering and had a fever through the night but felt absolutely fine the next day, very strange. 

So that was my first appointment, my second was for the camera down the throat! I was dreading this, as I’d heard horror stories of how horrible it was. But I was given the mouldy spray to numb the back of my mouth then the sedation and I don’t remember a thing until they were taking the camera out. They said they were gonna put a mouth guard in to protect my teeth but I don’t even remember that! The next day after I called my IBD nurse, as they were having a meeting about me that day to see what treatment was best for me. They could see clear signs of imflammation from the MRIs and the disease but for now have decided not to operate but to try the biological treatment. I haven’t started this yet as I’ve asked for it to be transferred up to Cardiff so it’ll be easier. 

A week later I called to see about the results of my the camera down my throat, as they had wanted to check if the crohns had spread. When they did it initially they had found erosions through my Oesophagus. The tests came back clear for crohns but they believe this may have been down to the steroids I had, another reason I now believe the steroids are awful!! 

With all this going on I have been working and really enjoying my job as a mental health support worker. I have had an amazing trip to Barcelona, where I was able to see Messi and Suarez play!!!! But I believe it has all caught up with me as I’m exhausted and feeling very weak, but I have a feeling this has to do with my poor diet whilst being away and my body not having enough energy to cope with what I put into me. 

I have seen so many inspirational quotes from the crohns and colitis page saying it’s okay to feel like this as it’s normal for those who suffer, so I feel the more people talk about how it makes them feel better about how they are feeling!

I will try to keep posting more often! 

~Everybody has their own story to tell, listen with an open mind~

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